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Воскресенье, 19 апреля 2020 15:32

Vita Versus Virus (VVV–369) or LIFE FACING VIRUS

If you only knew all the mysteries of numbers 3, 6 and 9,

          you would have a key to the Universe.


A genius and a villain are incompatible... Humanity in its current state... is trying to comprehend the genius by copying «outer numerical indications» and doing other similar absurdities, without even trying to follow the  “proposed” path from the Tesla’s anagram to notes and their frequency filling.

And further – to the frequency content of the world, more precisely to the “form”, because its “primary content” is INFORMATION. Then to the amazing consequences that lie behind the entire chain – a person’s dependence on the ability of his Brain to “work” with the “form” – the higher the frequency, the greater the informational possibilities of “transmission” (exchange), or at least reception. Far from today's life, isn’t it? Just a minute, now: not everyone understands what DNA is, but everyone has already learned, like they know their “ABC’s”, that coronavirus is dangerous precisely by copying part of it. Doctors are racking their brains over protection methods, but the virus has gone “further”, mutating and leaving them behind. Hopeless, isn’t it? NO, IT ISN’T. You just have to go after those who have “left the virus behind” in the comprehending of the same DNA. In its current state, the nodes around which information blocks are formed, if exaggerated “to the level of Darwin”, are “three-dimensional” because they are “of a cubic form”: each node has 3 connections. The cube is an “alien” structure which “came like a bolt from the blue” 18.000 years ago. But that is not the question now, it is – “where to run”. Sure, to the native one – dodecahedral. What is the danger of the old (cubical form)? In the “node”, each block has its own meaning: A – input, C – output, G – control,          T – input/output generation unit, and now try to discard the last function. What do you get? The accumulation of informational “garbage” (and one should not cling to “trifles”: not everything that is needed can be said today precisely because “the aliens have not reached the secrets of the fourth codon and therefore we are still WE, not THEY”).

Continuation of the article:  https://prirodagizni.info/articles/vvv-369-ing/index.html 

Author: F. D. Skrudnev

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