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Воскресенье, 14 июня 2020 12:13

The brain is the head of everything!

Each biological object on Earth at birth receives its own life support system, designed for 124 years of brain function.

When the connection between the brain and organs (for example, the pericardial system) is lost, the brain stops the heart.


From the standpoint of orthodox science’s stone hard materialism, our Earth “accidentally arose from a protoplanetary cloud as a result of the Big Bang”, after which a living cell was formed from the remnants of dust by chemical reactions, then itself evolved into a “monkey with a stick”, from which, the brain suddenly formed itself from the same dust, and some biologists even believe that the spinal cord was formed first! And modern scientists still continue to actively “perfect” such a level of knowledge on the basis of Darwin’s evolutionary theory.

Take, for example, “Triune Brain Model” of Paul D. MacLean, an American neurophysiologist who said that the human brain consists of three parts:

– the brain stem (central part) is the ancient reptilian brain, and – the midbrain or limbic system (mammalian brain) is “mounted” on it.

– and, finally, positioned on the top is the human’s own brain, or rather that of the higher primates, since it exists not only in humans, but also in monkeys (chimpanzees), and this is the cerebral cortex.

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