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F. D. Shkrudnev


At such a difficult, conflicting, and inconsistent time,

When millions of people on Earth take Validol 

– I pick up a pen, to share some information

and my thoughts – on paper!


   Regardless of the irrepressible inquisitive thought of people and its constant state of pursuit, at one time they used to develop and pro-create, no matter how regrettable it is to describe, according to the program and in those directions and goals that WERE SET BY THE PREVIOUS SYSTEM for its own interests, until the elimination of that Control System. Details and a description of everything that happened is probably not advisable today, since it may not be correctly interpreted by people at this stage of their conditionally conscious development and the level of their brain functions.

Today, more expedient and interesting is seeing another side of the majority of many philosophical problematic subjects, previously meticulously hidden from people.

   The programmatically predetermined meaning of the existence of people and the direction of the STEP-BY-STEP DEVELOPMENT OF CIVILIZATION were the very life axis, relative to which the direction of the life line of  the development of people in general was built up and, according to which, the  direction of the life line of the development of people as a whole was adjusted, as an important element of the entire chronoprocess of all future phenomena, actions, and events controlled by the previous System in its targeted guidelines.

    At the present time it makes sense to consider only those aspects of control and their implementation through specific actions and events on Earth that were hidden from people, which were and still remain responsible for the final consequences related to the PRESENT DEAD END in the development of all spheres of human existence. It would be more correct to express that it is not the dead-end of society, but of the historical system, so that one could understand what is happening around us today. Why does it happen in this way, and not in another way, or, to be more precise, why does it not happen as we would have thought, within the framework of our understanding, acquired in the old days? How to solve the life difficulties that have arisen today, like a tsunami that fell upon all people?

It would be necessary to explain to people the reasons why the system’s last historical stage of the achieved complex forms and conditions of people’s existence turned out to be incomplete in the final stage of its development. Precisely in the final stage, since this development process was ARTIFICIALLY INTERRUPTED for a number of significant and acquired reasons, some of which are already available in the informational field, and cognized, but not yet by many people, and is being disseminated by them to others. All this is directly related to the peculiarity of the construction and the external control of the vital life axis of the human being in accordance with the stages of civilizational development. It was this vital axis, around which life in its entirety was in full swing, gradually changing one historical system to a more “perfect” one, and was perceived by philosophers and through them by all people, as a verified direction in the development of civilization and it had its own energetic color imprint. The vital life axis, i.e. the constant energy-informational control process, as a corridor of actions and events dictated by the System, making up the general chronoprocess, had a BLACK COLOR!   Yes, exactly black, as the most concentrated and higher order of octaves (frequencies) of energies of the entire informational control process, relative to the octave of the human brain. All other colors could take place only in the case of a significant or insignificant decrease in the level of such octaves of controlling energies in the process of receiving, decoding, assimilating, and realizing them by individuals, as a technological process to lower the level of octaves.


  Salvation of Saviors. (Series 005_369) A certain formula or – the background for comprehension



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Воскресенье, 27 сентября 2020 05:18

Salvation of Saviors (4_series 369) The Ambulance for healing and cognition

It is easy to harm,

but difficult to help.


Lately, many people, especially after being in the so-called ”social distancing isolation” regime, have begun to search for alternative health improvement methods for themselves and their loved ones. Belief in the omnipotence of modern medicine goes away, and this causes some confusion and makes people run around in search of at least some means that can help with discomfort or with extreme moments of distress that may arise in a person.

Undoubtedly, medicine is able to treat diseases. Yet the number of patients is growing every year. This is alarming.

If a disease is one’s life under the conditions of an unstable state of the impaired functions (from a cell to the whole organism), then treatment is the restoration of normal relations, functions, cellular biochemistry and even behavior, provided that the Brain BEGINS TO UNDERSTAND how to cope with it. Certainly, it should be necessary to start with the mechanisms of occurrence of this or that pathology, and why the Brain COULD NOT cope with this, but, unfortunately, this is not always possible, at least for the simple reason that the mechanisms are either problematic, or are completely unknown to the Brain, and even more so to “doctors.” And besides, these mechanisms are always very complex, and the possibilities of understanding the complexity are limited. Therefore, doctors have to be content with parts: to recover what is understandable, what is noticed, and what is doable. Over time, the area of ​​the known expands; the treatment of each disease in each person in each given period of time becomes more and more successful. But so far – this is an ILLUSORY SUCCESS, which is confirmed by events with the so-called “coronavirus.”


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Понедельник, 20 июля 2020 13:54

Afterword. BOOK 5. "SVETL BROOM" ...

Feodor Shkrudnev

Everyone has brains; just not everyone

knows what to do with them.

So the time has come to retract the periscope into the hull and give the command to descend. But the periscope was raised in order to look around and see what was happening. The descent is an action after looking round.

It is a really amazing time now. Throughout Mankind’s existence, our planet has experienced a lot of paradigm shifts, and all of them were received with stiff resistance. Today we can see that these types of unconcealed shifts in thinking occur in several spheres and all at the same time. This may seem overwhelming to those who are trying to ignore the ongoing processes, especially considering the fact that many of the ideas currently being implemented are conflicting with the current belief systems. There will always be resistance to new information that does not fit into the existing framework, irrespective of its being reasonable or factual (obvious).



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Вторник, 16 июня 2020 17:14

Birch trees: natural remedy in your backyard

F. Shkrudnev

If you have access to birch trees, take advantage of their medicinal properties by using the techniques outlined in this article.

In every form, birch makes an excellent tonic and detoxifier, mainly working on the urinary system to remove waste products, such as kidney or bladder stones and gravel, gout, and rheumatism. It reduces fluid retention and swelling, and clears up many skin problems. Birch is regarded as safe medicinally and no side effects have been reported.

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Birch trees: natural remedy in your backyard

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Воскресенье, 14 июня 2020 19:12

With regard to the forthcoming…

F. Shkrudnev

The Earth comes into its natural controlled states after the Control System change (2011.04.24) and is getting free of the former external interventionist control dependence, bringing itself and its program states of harmony development into its true nature, implementing its rehabilitation into its former states at high rates. But most importantly, it is bringing all the true and native Control Complexes into their effective controlling physical state! And all this is already being performed within the framework of the Transitional period (12 years), and not somewhere in the distant future! Everything is happening before our eyes. And one of these elements we will have to go through from January 17 to January 21, 2019. Very superficially we are just beginning to touch the new facets of the true values in our present state of Consciousness and the level of Knowledge, but this amazes our understanding of the reality of the ongoing events taking place around us. We should not be afraid of and frightened with, and even more so – argue in the kitchen and in social networks, what poor life we live and who is to blame for this (we have been already well aware of these kind of people). We HAVE TO GO FORWARD AND GET TO KNOW, because all this is directly related to the re-creation of Man and the Life Support System on our Earth.

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Воскресенье, 14 июня 2020 12:13

The brain is the head of everything!

Each biological object on Earth at birth receives its own life support system, designed for 124 years of brain function.

When the connection between the brain and organs (for example, the pericardial system) is lost, the brain stops the heart.


From the standpoint of orthodox science’s stone hard materialism, our Earth “accidentally arose from a protoplanetary cloud as a result of the Big Bang”, after which a living cell was formed from the remnants of dust by chemical reactions, then itself evolved into a “monkey with a stick”, from which, the brain suddenly formed itself from the same dust, and some biologists even believe that the spinal cord was formed first! And modern scientists still continue to actively “perfect” such a level of knowledge on the basis of Darwin’s evolutionary theory.

Take, for example, “Triune Brain Model” of Paul D. MacLean, an American neurophysiologist who said that the human brain consists of three parts:

– the brain stem (central part) is the ancient reptilian brain, and – the midbrain or limbic system (mammalian brain) is “mounted” on it.

– and, finally, positioned on the top is the human’s own brain, or rather that of the higher primates, since it exists not only in humans, but also in monkeys (chimpanzees), and this is the cerebral cortex.

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Пятница, 12 июня 2020 19:07

The Brain Memory or the Program Memory System!

The Brain never gets sick because IT is smart.

  Only working cells get sick.


Nowadays, more and more people are coming to the idea about the fact that the development of our Earth civilization takes place under some kind of “vigilant eye of the Universal Mind”.