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(отклик на статью Ф. Д. Шкруднева «Изучение корней и только потом – плодов…»)

Автор: А. С. Никонович

Бегом на месте по кругу Вперёд. (отклик на статью 9_369 Ф. Д. Шкруднева)

Опубликовано в Серия 369

F. D. Shkrudnev


At such a difficult, conflicting, and inconsistent time,

When millions of people on Earth take Validol 

– I pick up a pen, to share some information

and my thoughts – on paper!


   Regardless of the irrepressible inquisitive thought of people and its constant state of pursuit, at one time they used to develop and pro-create, no matter how regrettable it is to describe, according to the program and in those directions and goals that WERE SET BY THE PREVIOUS SYSTEM for its own interests, until the elimination of that Control System. Details and a description of everything that happened is probably not advisable today, since it may not be correctly interpreted by people at this stage of their conditionally conscious development and the level of their brain functions.

Today, more expedient and interesting is seeing another side of the majority of many philosophical problematic subjects, previously meticulously hidden from people.

   The programmatically predetermined meaning of the existence of people and the direction of the STEP-BY-STEP DEVELOPMENT OF CIVILIZATION were the very life axis, relative to which the direction of the life line of  the development of people in general was built up and, according to which, the  direction of the life line of the development of people as a whole was adjusted, as an important element of the entire chronoprocess of all future phenomena, actions, and events controlled by the previous System in its targeted guidelines.

    At the present time it makes sense to consider only those aspects of control and their implementation through specific actions and events on Earth that were hidden from people, which were and still remain responsible for the final consequences related to the PRESENT DEAD END in the development of all spheres of human existence. It would be more correct to express that it is not the dead-end of society, but of the historical system, so that one could understand what is happening around us today. Why does it happen in this way, and not in another way, or, to be more precise, why does it not happen as we would have thought, within the framework of our understanding, acquired in the old days? How to solve the life difficulties that have arisen today, like a tsunami that fell upon all people?

It would be necessary to explain to people the reasons why the system’s last historical stage of the achieved complex forms and conditions of people’s existence turned out to be incomplete in the final stage of its development. Precisely in the final stage, since this development process was ARTIFICIALLY INTERRUPTED for a number of significant and acquired reasons, some of which are already available in the informational field, and cognized, but not yet by many people, and is being disseminated by them to others. All this is directly related to the peculiarity of the construction and the external control of the vital life axis of the human being in accordance with the stages of civilizational development. It was this vital axis, around which life in its entirety was in full swing, gradually changing one historical system to a more “perfect” one, and was perceived by philosophers and through them by all people, as a verified direction in the development of civilization and it had its own energetic color imprint. The vital life axis, i.e. the constant energy-informational control process, as a corridor of actions and events dictated by the System, making up the general chronoprocess, had a BLACK COLOR!   Yes, exactly black, as the most concentrated and higher order of octaves (frequencies) of energies of the entire informational control process, relative to the octave of the human brain. All other colors could take place only in the case of a significant or insignificant decrease in the level of such octaves of controlling energies in the process of receiving, decoding, assimilating, and realizing them by individuals, as a technological process to lower the level of octaves.


  Salvation of Saviors. (Series 005_369) A certain formula or – the background for comprehension



Опубликовано в Серия 369
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