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Salvation of Saviors (4_series 369) The Ambulance for healing and cognition
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Воскресенье, 27 сентября 2020 05:18

Salvation of Saviors (4_series 369) The Ambulance for healing and cognition

It is easy to harm,

but difficult to help.


Lately, many people, especially after being in the so-called ”social distancing isolation” regime, have begun to search for alternative health improvement methods for themselves and their loved ones. Belief in the omnipotence of modern medicine goes away, and this causes some confusion and makes people run around in search of at least some means that can help with discomfort or with extreme moments of distress that may arise in a person.

Undoubtedly, medicine is able to treat diseases. Yet the number of patients is growing every year. This is alarming.

If a disease is one’s life under the conditions of an unstable state of the impaired functions (from a cell to the whole organism), then treatment is the restoration of normal relations, functions, cellular biochemistry and even behavior, provided that the Brain BEGINS TO UNDERSTAND how to cope with it. Certainly, it should be necessary to start with the mechanisms of occurrence of this or that pathology, and why the Brain COULD NOT cope with this, but, unfortunately, this is not always possible, at least for the simple reason that the mechanisms are either problematic, or are completely unknown to the Brain, and even more so to “doctors.” And besides, these mechanisms are always very complex, and the possibilities of understanding the complexity are limited. Therefore, doctors have to be content with parts: to recover what is understandable, what is noticed, and what is doable. Over time, the area of ​​the known expands; the treatment of each disease in each person in each given period of time becomes more and more successful. But so far – this is an ILLUSORY SUCCESS, which is confirmed by events with the so-called “coronavirus.”


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